Tsuki's Sushi House At Tsuki's not only one's stomach would be satisfied as well as one's heart would be satisfied with the "smiling" environment of Tsuki's. Tsuki's smiling house has been established on august 13th, 2011. The name "Tsuki" is formed by connecting the owner's name first letter "t" with the name of sushi man "suki". However, "Tsuki" means "moon" in Japanese vocabulary. The restaurant has "6 days smiling management" services, where each patron of our restaurant will find the "smile". The Tsuki's sushi house will be the friend, the cheerer, the place for fun and dine. Our respective clients will always know Tsuki's sushi house is where you will always be welcomed with "smile" and the place you will always get the freshest sushi meal with friendly and warm "smiling" service. Order Online Payment Options